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Early Detection

Breast Self-Examination: Our experience has convinced us that women, who are given the proper instructions on self Breast Care Center of Indiana, Indianapolis, INexamination, are capable of finding small and potentially curable breast cancers. We have seen many cases over the years where a mammogram missed a cancer. The only reason that we were successful in early detection was that the woman was aware of a change in her breast because she did self examination, and she brought those changes to the attention of her doctor.

Clinical examination: We recommend a routine yearly breast examination by a health care professional starting at age 20. For women who are at high risk or who have special concerns, a breast examination performed by one of our breast surgeons along with a same day mammogram can be accomplished.

Mammogram: A yearly screening mammogram is the one test that has been scientifically proven to reduce breast cancer mortality. We believe that every woman from 40 years of age and older should have a yearly mammogram. Women with risk factors should consider starting mammography 10 years early than the age of their youngest first degree relative with breast cancer ( i.e. if you mother had breast cancer at age 45, you should have your first mammogram by age 35). Women with breast symptoms should have a diagnostic mammogram. The diagnostic mammogram focuses on the area of concern with additional views and usually an ultrasound is also performed. Digital mammography is conveniently located in our building. Mammography is a wonderful tool but is still not 100% accurate in revealing abnormalities.

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